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We started Portfolio Management Services at SKS primarily for three reasons:

Our prior stock-broking clients, friends, and associates wanted access to our investment expertise and impeccable track record of managing the propreitary investments.

After sharing investment ideas for a decade, we wanted to apply them in a structured manner

We wanted to build a firm that treats its clients like family

Our portfolios have a strong absolute return orientation with investments across the entire market cap spectrum. However, we have a bias towards under researched, under-owned, companies. Moreover, we largely follow a value investment approach and focus on identifying companies that are well managed, financially disciplined and are fundamentally undervalued.

We believe “Mr. Market” throws up anomalies every once in a while and a carefully executed contrarian approach in such circumstances, delivers superior returns for the patient investor.

Apart from straight equity ideas, we also look out for opportunities presented by special situations such as corporate re-structuring, de-mergers, merger arbitrage, buy-backs, delisting and open offers.

At SKS Capital, we take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. Ethics and integrity lie at the core bedrock of everything we do. This manifests itself in three key ways:

Selecting Investments: We invest only in companies that uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, and have management teams dedicated to protecting the interests of minority shareholders.

Keeping Costs Low: Our funds have fee structures designed to ensure the investor benefits before we do. Therefore, just like our clients we are rewarded by avoiding financial waste and ensuring we run the most efficient firm possible.

Investing Personally: We have not just invested our time and effort into SKS Capital, but our money as well. Our personal capital is invested in our portfolios in the same strategies alongside that of our clients.



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