The company was founded by Amitabh Sonthalia in 1998 as a stock-broking and proprietary trading firm. The firm was named after our Chairman and co-founder Mr. Sant Kumar Sonthalia, a second generation stock-broker with a reputation built over 50 years of experience in the Indian capital markets.

We started operations in the year 2000 after acquiring the membership of the National Stock Exchange of India in both the Cash and Derivatives segments. The focus during the initial years was on facilitating the trading and investments of some leading individual and corporate names in India. Alongside, we also managed the proprietary book consisting mainly of arbitrage and other lucrative market-neutral strategies, developed in-house.

The year 2003 saw a paradigm shift in Indian capital markets and marked the birth of a structural and secular bull market in Indian equities. We picked up this trend early and gradually transformed ourselves from risk managers to risk takers. We shifted a significant portion of our arbitrage book to equity investments and positional trading. To further strengthen our investment focus, our founding director, Amitabh Sonthalia, enrolled for and completed the Executive MBA program at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, Singapore during the period 2004-06. The structural shifts in the markets and exposure to global best practices, led to a more research oriented outlook. In 2004 we started our equity research division .

The period 2007-09 was a very tumultuous one in the history of the Global Financial markets. It was also a period of great learning for us. Our risk management, trading and investing skills were put to test. We were able to pass this and benefit from both the volatility and the outstanding opportunities that were thrown up in the markets. We also shifted our focus away from stock broking to managing proprietary assets across different classes.

We completed close to 20 years of our existence without having a single year of negative returns despite two boom-bust cycles.

In 2015 we expanded to Mumbai, the financial capital of India.Our Mumbai team further strengthens our firm's research and analysis abilities.


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